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Olympic Games Live Stream

Olympic Games Live Stream

The Olympic Games Live Stream is a multi-sports international event that takes place once every four years. The first time that the Olympic Games have been mentioned in written is in 776 b.Ch. in Olympia, Greece and they have been organized until year 393.

After a long pause of 1500 years, in 1896, the Olympic Games came back in Athens, thanks to the French Pierre de Coubertin. The number of participants of the event has increased from 241 (coming from 14 countries) to 11 100 (from 202 countries). The Winter Olympic Games hosts fewer participants than the summer event.

The Olympic Games, being such an important event, struggle with all kinds of problems, including boycott, doping, violence and even terrorism.

The symbols of the Olympic Games are worldwide known, being represented by the Olympic torch and Olympic rings, which are five differently colored rings, representing the colors of the participating nations’ flags.

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